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Dragon*con this year was pretty awesome. We stayed in the Marriot, which rocked because we were actually in one of the convention hotels and we could watch dragoncontv in our room (Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain, why is he climbing a mountain?) And our room was amazing! Look at the view we had at night!

It was awesome!

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Well, yeah. That was dragon*con. That, and all the ridiculous hilarious dctv we watched.

Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain, why is he climbing a mountain?

Why am I climbing a mountain? Because I'm in love.

William Shatner, please do not ever again say the word "sinewy."
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Woof! I got back from Hotlanta yesterday evening, and I'm still tired from that trip! But it was fantastic! Real dragon*con post will come when I get my lazy ass up and scan some of the pictures :/

And my glorious vacation continues, though the events to fill it are still a bit tba.

Oh, and to anyone watching my journal for notification on when I will be taking commissions again, it will be soon. Probably.
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It took a few days, but here it is: Dragon*con was awesome!
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Well, that’s my convention in a nutshell, if you add Are You A Goa’uld and some other random fun.
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Okay, Dragon*con (this time with pictures!)

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Yay dragon*con. Next year, we're gonna dress up.
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OMG, so great. Had sooo much fun this weekend at the Dragon*con! Still at the hotel, actually, and should go check out. Will post again at some later date with the lovely lovely pictures.

(BTW, see that boy in my icon? Yeah. I met him.)
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Well, lots of things have happened since the last time I was on here.

After a lot of thinking and worrying and considering, I have decided not to go to France after all. THe financial situation of my family is such that I cannot ignore, even to the point of being in fear of living in destitution for the rest of my life. But, hope springs eternal, and with any luck, we'll find someplace to life that won't cost us everything we have to rent so that some day (hopefully not too long from now) I'll be able to buy some land and pursue my dreams of alpaca and horse farms. For now, I'm just hoping for the someplace to live.

Anyway, I am surprisingly not depressed (though I am a little bitter and very pissed) and have reconciled myself quite well to the new fact of my staying stateside. I can bear it with equanimity, as they say.

On the extremely plus side, I am still going to DragonCon (as if anything short of ANOTHER funeral could stop me). Freaking Michael Shanks, Christopher Judge, Claudia Black, Jason Momoa, and Paul McGillion are going! Undomesticated equines could not remove me.

Anyway, just thought I'd tell anyone who wasn't sure that I am in fact still living, still bitching, and still looking for a new job. Talk to y'all later.
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Okay, I got my film back from Eckerd's today, with my pics from dragon*con. Yay. Since I don't have photo editing software to speak of, I'll just post the full size pics behind a cut.

dragon*con!! )

That's all for now with the pics. I hope to go to another convention so I can meet Joss, Nathan, Gina, Alan, Sean, and Summer. That would be sweeeet.

See Serenity on September 30th!


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