Oh. Man.

Dec. 23rd, 2009 11:22 pm
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Who remembers this show?

Holy Crap, 80s. You made some weird shit.

I loved that show though.

Zoobilee Zoo is freaking Furry patient zero or something, jeez.
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Okay, I am officially the BIGGEST FAN EVER of Freezer Paper. It is seriously the greatest invention since paper itself. Best thing ever.
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Apparently I accidentally downloaded a copy of the first episode of Revolutionary Girl Utena that was dubbed instead of subbed. Now, as a rule I have nothing against dubbed versions of anime. I love the dub of Ouran and Trigun and Cowboy Bebop. But Utena’s dub is TERRIBLE and I. Hate. It.

First of all, is it like a sport for voice actors who do not give a damn to mispronounce the MAIN CHARACTER’s names? Touga is mispronounced TWO-gah, Saionji is mispronounced Say-OWN-gee. Some of the girls's names have Western emphasis imposed on them, like Wakaba is Wa-KAH-ba instead of WA-ka-ba, Himemiya is wrongly emphasized as he-meh-MEE-ya instead of he-MEH-me-ya, which is just as bad as pronouncing the syllables wrong. Even Utena’s surname Tenjou is mispronounced Ten-JEW. It made me angry every time anyone said anyone else’s name.

On top of that, the voice actors don’t seem to care whether they match the movement of the characters’ mouths or, you know, EMOTE AT ALL. And the translation is totally lame. And the voices themselves make all the characters sound like such whiny little pissants. And the Shadows sound SUPER LAME. They sound like they are just reading lines instead of being INSANE ALIEN FREAKS like they should be.

Anyway, it’s 4am and I’m tired. But it had to be said.
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I have come to a realization today. My brain is full of characters, my infatuations, my life, my thought processes all drowning in sketches of people and fleshed out personalities. Perhaps belatedly I have realized that, though I fiercely love strong women and mad geniuses, my favorite figure has tumbled out of medieval literature and continued to appear in most genres of entertainment. He is the 'Courtly Lover,' the one who suffers under the burden of a love which cannot be returned, and yet strives to be a better person for the sake of that love. There is something about that struggle which is so painful that it becomes almost inexpressibly beautiful. Something about it, when well executed, that chokes my breathing and makes my heart ache and does everything I ever wanted fiction to do to me.

Geek breakdown of above )

The question is, however, why am I obsessed with the pain and the jagged hopeless hope of the courtly lover? Partially, I think I see myself in him, in his agony of unrequited love. Not for any particular person (at least right now). But I feel his pain in myself and take some strange pleasure in the constriction of my throat and heart that comes at the height of his anguish and hope for what he knows is unattainable. Maybe I feel the impossibility of his situation in my own.

Or maybe, I'm just a freak.

But "Sad is happy for deep people" and maybe pain can be lovely, too. There's a reason why this figure has stuck with storytelling for hundreds of years.

I think he's pretty anyway.
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Random thoughts:

Toffee is delicious.

Daisy Newman, for your information "thee" is an OBJECT, not a subject. It's no surprise you conjugated all your verbs wrong because you can't conjugate a VERB to an OBJECT. Stop trying to use words that you don't fully understand. Better yet, stop writing all together. A chimp could get published at your house.

I had a dream I was square-dancing with Bruce Boxleitner. Weird.

w00t to anyone who remembers Octavio Baggaggog.

David and Winston FOREVA!!!!!!!

Patchouli and Bergamot: BFF.


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