Nov. 28th, 2008 02:31 am
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NaNoWriMo is doooooone. Reached 50048 words like five minutes ago.

The novel, pesky thing, is far from done. Probably another 30k or so words to finish. Bloody fiction with a bloody mind of its own. Humbug. Oh, well, eventually it shall be done. Though that is not to say anything of its quality. Still, better than Daisy Newman and Stephanie Meyer. Not that that's saying much. Tauri could step on my keyboard and be more likely to produce quality fiction than those two.

*bloody twilight snarl*

Sleep now.


Nov. 11th, 2008 11:15 pm
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WORD COUNT: 25,961

I am doing so much better than last time I did nano(2004), and I finished then, too. I'm not scared that I won't reach 50,000, though I am going through a bit of a slow period now that I have finished writing the extensive backstory and am trying to actually have a coherent plot now. Hopefully, I'll get back into the groove soon. I want to have a really nauseatingly long nano novel, AND actually write it to the end (where, last time I wrote until about 3,000 words from the end and stopped, unable to contemplate writing another word after the 30th). And so, with any luck, I'll get going again in the next few days and eventually the story will be longer than the back story. Yay.


Oct. 30th, 2008 01:32 am
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Okay, who out there is doing NaNoWriMo this year? Anybody?

I am. I'm excited. I have all these character sketches and a plot all planned out and everything. I want to get started NOW but that would be cheating . . . boo. I'm READY. After my little self-imposed nano a few months ago (because my brain needed a challenge and a goal) I'm excited for another. And this one will be NEW and IMPROVED, or at least new. Finally picking up on one of those ideas I came up with a few years ago and never quite got off the ground. Now it's ready. It matured in my head and it's ready to be born. (slightly creeped out by pregnancy and birthing analogy, not gonna lie).


So, anybody else?
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Weeeell, the Sheep and Wool festival was fun. I found all the types of sheep I want to have on my farm (babydoll southdowns, shetlands, romneys, and icelandics) and I saw some cute llamas and alpacas, too. I really need to practice more at needle felting, because all the felted things I saw are waaaaay better than mine. Also, rug hooking, detergent felting, and crochet.

And then the Headless Horseman was fun, too. Especially when the Grim Reaper chose Kristen to pick on and when the giant kitteh followed us, miaowing.

And I have decided to once again have a go at NaNoWriMo. I was able to finish last time, and I was still in school then, so I figure it'll be (comparably) easy. I'm excited. It's something to do, anyway, and I have a whole plot planned out and characters sketches and whatnot. So yeah. That's the most exciting thing in my life right now. NaNo.

And I fixed the espresso machine today. Now I have personally repaired all three coffee machines in the shop.

I have a riveting existence.

frell you

Jun. 6th, 2008 07:16 pm
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I have decided to make June my own personal NANOWRIMO. Because I am a freak, and am doing nothing else that does not numb my brain. Current word count is 19,506. I hope to get about 65,000 by the end of the month, unless the novel ends before then. Who can say? It doesn't look like it, though.

Elsewise, I have been spending most of my free time in Peace Keeper territory, and by that I mean I have been obsessively watching Farscape. Fantastic show. I don't remember why I stopped watching it when it was on 'the tv'.. Probably school or concerts or something got in the way and I missed one too many episodes. Either way, I am IN LOVE with it now. I watch it so much that my brain is starting to think of Farscape words (like frell, dren, and mivonks) are actually English words. It is not good. But it is a great show. Chels, I think you would like it most because of Scorpius, the Bad Guy. He is so great and gross and funny in a scary way. Not to mention his pooka and the cartoon episode. Fab. Looooooove it.
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Here we go

I worked, met my new boss, and on the same day I met her I had to lie to her and make her think that I had a box even thought I left my box key in Oneonta . . . oops.

Watched a lot of ST:Voy. Oh, how I did miss B'Elanna and Tom. :)

Worked again. Went to Thanksgiving dinner, was late due to work, and was bothered by a cat until I was nearly too tired to drive. Went home.

Bought Christmas prezzies. You'll all forgive me for them not being spectacular, but I think they're fun.

Watched some SG1, and Krista, I'll have you know, I think I am really starting to enjoy it. None of the eps that I watched were totally spectacular, but I really did enjoy them. The one where the SPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERS crystal alien thing looked like Jack and then like Charlie was esp. good, though I don't really like Sarah much. And after I watched all the eps I had, I watched The Broca Divide again. (Samaaantha) He he he. That ep is really fun. So, yeah, Krista, I am liking SG1 and I do wanna watch more. Like, all. Now, you're right, it's no Buffy and it's no Firefly, but it doesn't have to be. Voyager and DS9 are not Buffy either, but I do luuurve them. And SG1 kind of reminds me of them. A lot. In a good way, and different. And way better than Enterprise. You'll forgive my rambling, I'm a little overwhelmed. Also, I think I've written waaaaay too much over break because I

Finished NaNoWriMo. And it hurt. A lot. But it's done. And now, I have sooooooooooooo much homework to catch up on, it is just not okay.

Hung out with my mom, sister and my puppies (by that I mean dogs). And it was good.

Learned a few things I didn't know about a few people I thought I knew. And I have to say, it did not make me happy.

Visited the new Barnes and Noble in kingston. Bought some books. I have to say, I like the layout of the one in Po-town much better, but this one is good too.

Did geurilla marketing. That is to say, my sister and I moved Firefly box sets out of their hidden corners and into full view, eye-level. And it was fun.

And I didn't do any homework. Big surprise there. I have to go and do some now, which is great because I have to get up very early tomorrow to get back to Hartwick. Right, I really should get to that.

Decided (due to some interesting observations) that I am eating too much and need to cut back. I feel like a cow. I freaking eat all the freaking time, and it stops now. Dammit. Though I do think there may be an explination.

Slight depression. I am not going to Ireland this J-term. I could not get things to work out with the beurocracy of NJ, and could therefore not get my birth certificate. But I am looking forward to getting a lot of reading and videogaming and crafts done in all my alone time this January. And it's not like I'll be all alone, cuz Chels, Matt, and Dante will be around. I'll be okay.

And lastly, found out that the release date for Serenity has been moved from April 22, to September 30. Grrrrrraagggggggggghhhhhhhhh. Damn. But I can wait. It wasnt done in the same spirit of Firefly's preemtions by Fox. Universal wants to make sure it suceeds, so I can wait. I'll just have to start flyering as soon as I get to Hartwick, and I can also put up a couple in New Paltz. Hm. Ah, well. Dammit. I can wait.

Okay, homework, time to do it. Damn. Well, thus ends another fabbity vacay for me. Wheee.


Nov. 22nd, 2004 01:29 am
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I just broke 60 pages! Wheee! In NaNoWriMo, I mean.

NANOWRIMO WORD COUNT: 36,288 (and still going)
DAYS REMAINING: 8 (piece of cake . . . or pie . . . mmm, pumpkin)

It shall be done! See there, easy as lyin'. What will I do with all my spare time in December?

(Answer is: homework.)


Nov. 20th, 2004 01:13 pm
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I just broke 30,000 words and 50 pages. Yay! Now, for the last 20,000. And ten days to do it in. Wheeeeeeeeeee!
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DAYS REMAINING: 13 (I can do this, even if it will cost my sanity)
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Today we have STD inductions. I want to read Dylan Thomas's "Fern Hill" for my little reading bit, but I'm afraid someone else will pick that, so I'm bringing Robert Desnos's "If You Only Knew" as well. I'm a little scared. Am I supposed to know all the nuances of meaning, or are we just doing a reading? Are my poems too long? Should I have picked a short short story? I think my paranoia has kicked in.

But, we are also having crepes today for French Club. Yay. That should be fun. Mmm, crepes.

I have two bibliographies for two papers I haven't done any research on due on Friday.

And all I wanna do is work on my NaNo novel.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Rich Brown: Why have a vasectomy when you've got the insecticide?
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NANOWRIMO WORD COUNT: 20424 (how the hell . . .?)

Holy crow

Nov. 15th, 2004 05:04 pm
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Seven years later, seven years. The same amount of time they said it would take to get home. I still don't even believe it.

I got an email today from Morgan Nior of the Space Cases Coalition, asking about my copies of the episodes. As it turns out, the Coalition would like me to send copies of them out so that they can look them over, see if they are good quality. They are telling this to anyone they can find who had copies of the episodes. What they wanna do is find the best quality copies of the episodes and then send them to a videographer so that they can be put on DVD. Can you freaking believe that? And then, anybody that's part of the Coalition (ie, me, if I send my copies) can get a copy of this DVD set for just the cost of shipping. It seems too good to be true. Too insane. And too much like what I really wish would happen. It would so ROCK if it were true, and I have no reason to believe that it isn't, except that it is just too good to be real. Holy. Crap. Lions. I really want this to be true. I've sent an email back to Morgan, asking for more details and where I should send my copies to, and hopefully I'll get a satisfatory reply. Wheeeeee! Wouldn't that be coooool?

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ACADEMIC STATUS: I'm a little scared that I won't have a 3.5 this semester. I think I took on too much, with two three-hundred level englishes and a religious studies on top of that and sundry short classes which require work. And I wouldn't really be stressing out over a 3.5 if my scholorship money didn't depend on it. And right now, I should be writing my Hinduism paper. But, I'd rather do a pointless lj update.
FINANANCIAL STATUS: Um . . . not so good. I have like 2 checks left in my checkbook because I want to change banks but I can't because I'm not home long enough nor do I have enough excess money to open a new acount. But I'm thinking that, since I probably won't be going to Ireland for J-term (it's pretty certain at this point, though I'm gonna have one last talk with Scramm about it tomorrow) I'll get back the money I put in for that, and have a little more to live on til summer.
ROMANTIC STATUS: Nil. Why do I even include this category? Because when I see him, I still feel my heart speed up and my cheeks flush, and I have to actually smack myself to stop myself from smiling like a moron? Because, even though I have no chance and hardly ever see him, I still hold out a childish hope that something could happen? Yeah. That could be why. Dammit.
MENTAL STATUS: Slightly manic depressive. Most of the time I feel fine and normal, but when I think of all the work that I have to do, I feel like I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown and I just wanna scream and scratch my eyes out. But most of the time I'm fine. Right now, I have PMS or whatever, so it's all intensified and extra-annoying. Whoopee. But this too will pass.
PHYSICAL STATUS: Get frequent headaches and weird stomach things. Can't really explain it. I don't think I'm entirely healthy right now, and it could be the stress and the cold and all. And a lot of the time, I wish that I was sleeping, but I know that that's the stress. He he he. But most of the time I feel all right.

Okay, now that that pointless bit of almost-total-uncharacterist-honesty is over, I need to get back to my paper so that I can get to my research so that I can get to my nano.



Nov. 4th, 2004 03:11 pm
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Homework is dumb, and I wish I didn't have to do it, but then, I think that's the consensus around here. I am glad that the Honors Pizza Party is today, cuz that means that I don't have to go out again for the rest of the day into the bitter rainy cold. Yay.

Also, I made my Kaymon icon much shinier, thanks to the contribution of Adobe Photoshop from my favorite Suzi, Suzi. I now worship at her feet.

I like my icon, but the pull of Photoshop is so strong, that I'm afraid I won't do my homework. Resist!

Resistance is futile.

Yay for Firefly love and the fact that I'm in the top 1000 of FF fans on the Browncoat website. Soon to be top 500, thanks to Photoshop.

Okay, onward to my homework, so that I hopefully don't fall behind on the UTTER INSANITY that is my undertaking of NaNoWriMo during my busiest semester yet.


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