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I has icons! And a coupla wallpapers. Mostly Fullmetal, some Ouran.

Iconsss! )

Credit if used would be <3

All the screen caps are mine, but the manga scans come from onemanga.
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Okay, it is time for Babylon 5 to become subject to my photoshop wanderings. Here are some wallpapers and a few icons for your viewing pleasure.

Onward! )

Anyway, enjoy. I would love a comment if you are going to use any of them, because it puffs up my sad little ego a bit and gives me a happy.
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And it's not always me! Someone, let's just call her Shmoelle, had this idea, and I executed this piece of photoshop wonder.

Click me to see a new literary masterpiece! )

Now, wasn't that fun?
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So, I had my own sort of "Photoshop Friday" on Sunday, and decided to actually do what we were talking about the other day at dinner. How we got onto the subject, I'm sure I have no clue, but it sure helped me avoid writing my French composition for yet another hour. The first two are okay, but I'm not very happy at all with the last one, but what can you do? Nobody has a quality picture of a milk carton. Bugger. Anyway, here they be.

And it's all part of your balanced breakfast! )
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Yup, that's right. The ParkingLot Crows just came out with their third album, Intergalactic Space Dementia! Yay! There are two versions of the cover, one with the actual Crows, and one without. I personally like the one without better, but y'all should feel free to tell me how you feel. Okay, here they are. (Look in the window of the ship! What do you see?)

I like this one better. I think it just looks less cluttered than the next one.

I just don't think I had enough pictures to choose from to make it look the way I wanted it to.

Anyway, here's the backside, with the list of tracks.

I hope nobody minds that I made an executive decision to call the album Intergalactic Space Dementia, but I wanted to be able to make the album covers and all before I had to give this compy back and get my non-working one. Anyhow, I hope you like how they came out.

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In response to one of my dork-tastic communities (rigelianculture) (the space cases one), I made this . . . interesting piece. Anyone who's seen Space Cases will get a laugh out of it.



Mmm . . . the Rules . . .  )


Hope you like.

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                                        terrence mann is love


Okay, there you go Chels. Scaaaaary beast terrence mann is.

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Okay, so since I would rather do stuff on PaintShopPro than do any actual homework, I made some colorbars. Here they are.

                                               firefly is love


                                        stargate is love


Anybody else want one of my lame ass color bars? I know Chels wants one for Terrence Mann (Mr Man! Mr Man!). Yay.

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Okay, here is my Cor-Ai Crab! pic. It's fun, but it still needs some work. Even so, I'm glad I did it before Ireland. Now I just have to make a whole Anubis stuffed animal complete with Egyptian dress and face paint on his little black jackal face. But perhaps I will do that during February break . . .

Anyway, Cor-Ai Crab!



Nov. 22nd, 2004 08:58 pm
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The Parking Lot Crows have just released their second album - Projectile Nautilus!

Look at all the great songs! Like Drama Iguana and Maya, and Joshua! Yay!

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Another 'Sun Room post.

I had fun making this one. And after I took Zol's suggestion, it really does look better, but I didn't want to load it up there again.

Anyway. Another weekend practically over. I swear, college would be so much better without all stupid classes. Damn.

Back to the grind.
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Now that I have Adobe Photoshop, I can take the my obsessiosity to all new levels.

Once again, I have posted in the Blue Sun Room. Anybody who wants can just . . . comment on it, if you like. You don't even need a screen name there, you can just go on anonymus.

Okay, that's all for now.
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Wheeee! I am so so so obsessed!

Okay, I don't remember if I told y'all that I'm a member of now (I think I did. I think I told you I'm KayleeFrye). Anyway, I've been active on the boards and stuff, and I've finally made a post on the Blue Sun Room. If anybody wants to go and see it (my anthropomophic Kaylee) go to this url:

Yay. I'm excited that I now have a BSR post.

Also, for anybody I haven't told yet, I think my sister and I are going to go down to Atlanta next September for the DragonCon and Browncoat ball. (Dragon con is a huge sci fi convention, and the Browncoat ball is like a big fancy-dress party for Firefly fans.) I will be SO EXTATIC if I get to go. HOLY CRAP. I'm a geek and a fangirl. But not the screaming fainting kind (although, if James Marsters is at the d*c, I might become the fainting kind, I came close enough with Chase Masterson)(har har to anybody that knows that story). I have heard on the fffn community boards that probably the WHOLE CAST of Firefly, plus Joss are going to be at the d*c, and they might make an appearance at the Browncoat Ball. I would just freak out and die of happiness. To meet Jewel and Adam and JOSS!!!! and Nathan, BWAH!

Okay, I'm bordering on shrieky fangirl, so I'm gonna stop.


Where's my massive hoop skirt??????



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