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I has icons! And a coupla wallpapers. Mostly Fullmetal, some Ouran.

Iconsss! )

Credit if used would be <3

All the screen caps are mine, but the manga scans come from onemanga.
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Okay, it is time for Babylon 5 to become subject to my photoshop wanderings. Here are some wallpapers and a few icons for your viewing pleasure.

Onward! )

Anyway, enjoy. I would love a comment if you are going to use any of them, because it puffs up my sad little ego a bit and gives me a happy.
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But first, a digression.

I can download again!!!! Yaaaaays! Now I can get back to my pursuit of all sci fi television instead of just wallowing and watching my Babylon 5 dvds over and over and capping them like a crazy person because I have nothing new to watch.

With exception, of course, of DeathNote, thanks to Chelsea, which I am also capping like an insane person. The proof is in the icons.

and here they be )
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Tiny red Converse have arrived, and they are adorable. Insanely cute. Now I'm just waiting on some wool roving to really get started on little Doctor doll.

Have started watching Babylon 5. I've seen the movie and about 4 episodes, and I gotta say, not really interested yet. But I'll give it the rest of the season to see if it gets any better. If not, I'll abandon it for the next show on my never-ending list of all-sci-fi-shows-ever.

ALSO, got season 4 of Atlantis in the mail yesterday. Very exciting. I loves Atlantis.

Anyway, I'll leave you with one Doctor Who icon (9th doctor) that was screaming to be made.

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I've been having . . . "icon" block for a while now, so I thought I'd try something I'd seen around. You have to take one picture and make ten different icons of it, using different rules for each icon. I'm too lazy to actually join the community, so I'll just post mine here. I chose an image that has been annoying me for some time . . .

and the Variations )
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I make icons. A lot of them. Seventy to be exact, all of them from the first disc of the 1995 BBC/A&E Pride and Prejudice (or BBCA&EP&P). Some of them are good, some of them are funny, and some of them are neither one. Have a look if you are not shunning me for my total and utter descent into English geekdome.

LJ cut so no one kills me outright )
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Upon request, I have made a few icons from rent. Well, one of them was on request, but here they all are anyway (and a bonus corgi!)

And this one has been lost in a sea for a while now, but now is found

Yay, icons.
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And yay for Pride and Prejudice. I made ICONS! (anybody out there surprised?)

They're tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me )

So, if you are in a humor to give consequence to young icons that have been slighted by other users, then have a look. If not, just call me a dork and get it over with.
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Okay, I made four fruity oaty icons for this icon challenge, but I can only enter one. Which one do you all like best?

I like the side-effects one, myself, or Mack Daddy, but I dunno.
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And they are all of puppies! Yay! Ten in total, and there are corgis (of course), an Aussie sheperd and some beagles.

Puppies! )

I miss my puppies, but I get to see them in two days. :)
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Yes, it is time again for my geektastic icon post! Today we have:

8 Stargate SG1 (that last one is especially for you, Krista!)

2 Firefly

4 Buffy

2 Nicole de Boer

2 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

4 Star Trek ships


Here there be icons )


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I have a few icons and an obscene amount of icon bases.

Here are the non-spoilery icons:

Okay, the last one is from the movie, but it isn't a spoiler.

Anyway, here are a couple of other icons and bunches of bases. Spoilers are minor for the movie, and MAJOR for Session 416, so if you haven't, you should see that before you look at these bases because most of them are from Session 416.

I took the caps for the 416 ones myself, and you can use the bases for anything you like, though, I would like to see it, if you don't mind. :)

Spoilers! And icons and bases )
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This is just a simple set of icons, one for each character in firefly (so there's nine of them), all on the same theme. Each character gets an Adjective! Anyway, here they are. There is also a remake of a really crappy I made a week or so ago, thrown in there as a bonus. So I guess there's 10.

 Seems like deja vu . . .  )

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Somebody out there in space time wanted some Wash icons, and I am here to provide. They're kinda crappy. I'm only really happy with two of them, and the rest are okay.

And one of Mr Universe.

That was fun.
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Here are the promised Firefly/Serenity icons of Jubal Early and the Operative.

Jubal First . . .

Now the Operative.

Any other Firefly/Serenity requests? Any requests at all? I feel like making icons . . .

Also, if you haven't yet seen Serenity, GO SEE IT! And if you don't see it, you will make me very sad.
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I was cleaning out my photobucket account and realized that I had a lot of icons on there that I had never posted before. So, here they are. A lot of them may have been posted before, but many are new.

56 Serenity/Firefly

9 SG1

4 Tenth Kingdom

7 Space Cases

10 Star Trek (mostly voyager, one or two DS9)

3 Jane Eyre

1 Deep Water Black / Mission Genesis

1 Random OTP





Zee Icons . . . )


Mar. 17th, 2005 01:25 am
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Okay, so just "icon" but still. By request from Noelle, another Tenth Kingdom icon, this time Virginia.

Image hosted by

Any more requests? Oh, here are some Sam icons I made yesterday.

Okay, I know the caption on the last is really unimaginative, but if you have any better ideas, I am so up for suggestions. My brain was wickedly gone.

Well, laytehs.
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Due to the amazing circumstance that both Photobucket and Livejournal are functioning properly at the same time (a sure sign of armageddon)(or Ragnarok) I can finally post my set of Tenth Kingdom icons, requested by Chelsea. Anybody can use them if they want them, or you can give me requests. I really like making icons. I made like ten of them today (mostly for Browncoats). Any requests? Anyone??

Anyway, here's the TK set.

With Wolf, who has been posted before:
Image hosted by

The Huntsman, who I had to fiddle with
Image hosted by

And the EvIl Queen
Image hosted by

Okay, now if this thing actually posts it will be a sign of the apocalypse. Here goes. I swear, they do more maintenence on the part of the server that contains my journal than all other parts of it.
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Whee, Tenth Kingdom is fun. Wanna watch more. Yay. Wolf. :)

Class is dumb and boring and I don't wanna go, but at least it's nice and warm out.

I made some fun Stargate Icons. Here they are, because I think they're fun.



Yay. Footsteps! and CrazyDanny are from "Legacy". Got Teal'c and Cor-Ai Crab are from my brain (and loosely form Bane and Cor-Ai). Skaara is for Hallie. Jonah and Thera and Divided are just pretty. Heh heh. I love that picture for Divided, with the force field . . . so pretty. And lovely with symbolism. Mmm, symbolism.

Well, yay. I have been making Firefly icons for so long, I thought it would be nice to have a bit of a change of pace, and since Sam'n'Jack are better than Shakespeare, I thought Stargate would be appropriate. Anyway, felicitations and whatall and talk to you soon.



Mmm . . . 10.95 . . .

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You all might remember an incarnation of this icon, but now I have added a new set.



I have made it (*twitches fingers compulsively) <i>better</i>. Look what you've done Krista, now I have to get more ink for my printer so I can print out a Sam'n'Jack pic for my otp wall. He he he. It was fun. I have also found a suitable picture to make Cor-Ai crab with, but I am too tired to look at this screen any longer due to the nearly nine hours I put in today moving the WHOLE FREAKING SHOP upstairs so we can renovate. Love the icon. Hallie is gonna be using it, but as usual, if anybody wants it (which I doubt because it is tailor made for me and by default my sister) you can use it. Good night.




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