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I adored the first opening theme for Brotherhood. The second was not bad, they had the little Roy & Co bit so I was happy. OP 3, however, is V. exciting. It's like HOOOOOLY Ishabal. Which is exciting because I loooove the Ishbal arc in the manga and I can't wait to see it animated. The only thing that makes me a little sad is that Riza isn't in it more, especially since she is the framework for the telling of the whole Ishbal arc. Because what I'm really excited about seeing animated are her flashbacks from before Ishbal. Those are some of my favorite scenes in the whole manga (Vol 15 <3). But anyway, the opening. It is cool.


And look at Kimblee just dominating that thing with his white suit. And OMG Olivier yay! I wonder who will do her voice . . .

This lightened my mood a bit because Chapter 100? Yeah, I'm still not over it.
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At least we didn't have to wait until the end of NYAF to be told.

From the Funimation website )

I know Travis already spilled that he was going to be Mustang and Vic pretty much said he was going to be Ed, but I'm still excited to see the cast list. I am really really happy that Colleen is going to be Riza again and that Ed Blaylock is going to be Bradley (he was so great in the first anime). And J. Micheal Tatum as Scar is an interesting choice. I could have guessed from the OVAs. I think he'll do a good job, but I can't quite hear him as Scar yet (you know, real INTENSE Scar and not just ChibiScar). And Sonny Strait! And Wendy Powell! I'm upset that they haven't said who's going to be Armstrong yet, though. And I should make a note to watch something Maxey Whitehead was in . . .

And it's a little weird to me that Caitlin Glass is taking over as assistant director in Colleen's place. Colleen must be busy or something. But I love Ouran and I thought Suzuka was well directed, so I'm sure she'll do a good job.
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OKAY. So, if the opening is any indication, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is AMAZING. Holy crap. I am in love with that entire sequence so hardcore. Preeeeeeetty. Want. Seriously, I have watched it like ten times, it's getting a little ridiculous. And I love the fact that, not only did Hawkeye actually show up in this opening a good deal(for her especially), but Ross and Block/Brosh are there too! <3

when did I become an otaku?
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Yay, more plushies! I actually made these two a little while ago for some swaps on craftster, and am just now getting around to posting them here on my lj.

First, Chakotay from Star Trek: Voyager

Chakotay this way! )
And next, Jen the gelfling from the Jim Henson movie Dark Crystal.

Jen the Gelfling )
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Yes, I have not forgotten my vow to make a ragdoll of each of the ten Doctors from Doctor Who, and here is the second installment, Nine.

Nine! )

Two down, eight to go. And I am having so much fun!
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HILARIOUS. I would have totally lost it if that had been me.
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This site is amazing. Want.

Also, I reeeaaaaalllly want this because my old Huskystar 207 is a rattletrap with a partially severed power cord. Mmmm, new sewing machine . . . waaaaaaant.

Oooh, and I want this too! Hopefully I will get some money back when I file my taxes so I can acquire these things which have become necessary to me.

In other news,

I made things! )

And that's that for now.

L is here!

Feb. 4th, 2009 05:26 pm
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Record time! I had this guy finished on Monday evening, and made his second outfit and other accouterments yesterday. So all in all, he was totally finished within 36 hours of starting him, pretty much. Yeah, I'm a freak. I would have posted him yesterday, only the dlink was working like crap.

this way for L )

He's made of broadcloth (as usual, I loves my broadcloth), his dress is actual satin (a pain in my ass, but pretty), his hair is made of black corriedale wool, his shirt is muslin (so it's a bit difficult to pull on him, even with his narrow little hips), the cake is made of felt and broadcloth, and the plate and fork are made of sculpey. Yaay!
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Fiiiiinally, my Ten Doll is done! I've been working on him since July, and he's finally finished.

Here he is! )

The only thing I didn't make are the little converse (they are adorable, though). His pocketwatch and sonic screwdriver are made out of sculpey (with a little bit of a keychain for the watch chain). The rest is fabric - felts and broadcloths and suiting and a bit of polyester.

And, as for upcoming projects . . .

I could be insane . . . )
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I fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally finished Anna Karenina. I've been reading that damn thing since the backend of September. BLOODY HELL is it long. And not just because its like 800 pages - that alone is of no real concern. The thing is that there are like five hundred unrelated storylines in it and I was expecting them to sort of come together in the end, but they didn't. Anna herself is not even MENTIONED in the last fifty pages. I found the ending to be weirdly off topic.

Whatever, I'm glad I read it. Freaking Russians are crazy, though. They must be on permanent brainfreeze or something.

Anyway, here are the fun pictures of the stuff I made for Chels' birthday.

The Tardis and the DreamLord )

Blast it. Now I am having very bad thoughts about making an L doll with a second outfit (aside from his regular white shirt and jeans). And it shall be empire-waisted and blue because we all know that, with his complexion, gold would would wash him right out.

x-posted a few little places
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Because I'm not already a member of enough communities not of my own making.

I am a geek, and I make geeky things, and I could not find an active community on which to show off such things, so I made one.

Geeky, yes. Very. But fun!

So please join!

Here it is: Fandom Crafts.

I am the loneliest onliest member right now.
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Yays! You know, at first I didn't think I would like it, but I have come to really love Babylon 5. ESPECIALLY after Sinclair left. I mean, Sheridan is a little corny, but Sinclair gave corny a new meaning. I have one episode left of season four and am shoring myself up for (what I have heard is) the disappointment that is season five. Oh well, I'm sure that I'll find something in it to entertain me, if it is so very bad as they say.

Speaking of non sequiturs,

Yeah, they look a little similar, don't they. Sandman, is that you sitting there with the Council of non-aligned worlds? They are the Gaim (for Neil Gaiman) and sadly, they do not inhabit the dreaming, although Delenn does go there for a visit. No kidding. She goes to the dreaming. That's even what they call it. I'm just sad she didn't meet the Gaim in the Dreaming. Yeah. I love sci-fi/fantasy that references other sci fi/fantasy. It's like waving at all the other little paddleboats in the bay and ignoring the big oceanliners. Ha ha.

Anyway, I've got more geeking to do.
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It took a few days, but here it is: Dragon*con was awesome!
pictures and whatnot )
Well, that’s my convention in a nutshell, if you add Are You A Goa’uld and some other random fun.
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Okay, for anybody who watched Project Runway last year, Chris March was just in the gift shop. *geeek!* The three of us who were in there at the time (all runway geeks) were hovering behind the counter and after he left it was all *eeee* and ridiculous fangirlishness.

On a completely and totally different front, I just saw the trailer for Watchmen yesterday. Holy Hannah. That movie looks awesome. And (bonus) being that I'm reading the graphic novel now, I actually recognize some of the scenes it shows. Yays. :)
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Okay, for anyone who has not seen it, check out Doctor Horrible's Sing-along Blog. You can find links for the downloads all over the place, on lj and elsewhere.

I loooved it. Adorable! It was fantastic with the exception of Captain Hammer. I love Nathan Fillion, but I felt like Hammer was too over the top, though it wasn't entirely his fault. Joss was a little heavy-handed with the silliness for Hammer, and I didn't feel like he fit into the show the same way the other characters did. I didn't care for Hammer. But I looooooooved Neil Patrick Harris as Dr Horrible, and Felicia Day was adorable, too. And everyone else involved in Horrible was like a little Joss Whedon yearbook, with the costume designer from Firefly, and David Fury and Marti Noxon as the anchorpeople (they were executives on Buffy and Angel). Yays. Loved it. Dr Horrible <3.
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Tiny red Converse have arrived, and they are adorable. Insanely cute. Now I'm just waiting on some wool roving to really get started on little Doctor doll.

Have started watching Babylon 5. I've seen the movie and about 4 episodes, and I gotta say, not really interested yet. But I'll give it the rest of the season to see if it gets any better. If not, I'll abandon it for the next show on my never-ending list of all-sci-fi-shows-ever.

ALSO, got season 4 of Atlantis in the mail yesterday. Very exciting. I loves Atlantis.

Anyway, I'll leave you with one Doctor Who icon (9th doctor) that was screaming to be made.

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I neeeeed to watch Journey's End, but it is not yet Saturday. I did a bad bad thing and did not space out my Doctor Who episodes and now I must wait to see the last episode of the season. And Meeeeh! I want my David Tennant. I am not ready for a new doctor, if that is indeed what they are doing, which, despite glowing arms and explody doctor, I refuse to believe.

I ordered little red converse and am hunting for the perfect suiting to make a 10th Doctor doll. I will be very annoyed if I am making it under the reign of the 11th. Not that change is always a bad thing. I didn't know if I would like the tenth doctor while preparing to lose the ninth, whom I also love, but David Teeeeeennaaaaaant. He's got the hair! And the little shoes and the suit! He's adorable! Friggin Daleks. Rar.
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Am now obsessed with Doctor Who. Am baffled by the fact that there are 695 episodes of the old series. Also slightly frightened and intimidated.

Also, the novel is nearly finished. As I thought, it did not need 60,000 words to be finished. It is now just above 50,000, and will probably settle its ending around 51. It was fun, anyway. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with all that free time now, but I'm too creatively drained to do another novel in July. Maybe August or September. Girl's gotta have goals, right?
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I just realized that I love watching Doctor Who (the new series that is currently on) for many reasons, not the least of which is that I recognize like half of the actors from Austen movies. I have just watched the first ten minutes of The Wasp and the Unicorn and have seen Sir William Lucas and Miss Catherine Moreland.

As you could perhaps tell, I am trying to better my knowledge of sci fi, one tv show at a time.

frell you

Jun. 6th, 2008 07:16 pm
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I have decided to make June my own personal NANOWRIMO. Because I am a freak, and am doing nothing else that does not numb my brain. Current word count is 19,506. I hope to get about 65,000 by the end of the month, unless the novel ends before then. Who can say? It doesn't look like it, though.

Elsewise, I have been spending most of my free time in Peace Keeper territory, and by that I mean I have been obsessively watching Farscape. Fantastic show. I don't remember why I stopped watching it when it was on 'the tv'.. Probably school or concerts or something got in the way and I missed one too many episodes. Either way, I am IN LOVE with it now. I watch it so much that my brain is starting to think of Farscape words (like frell, dren, and mivonks) are actually English words. It is not good. But it is a great show. Chels, I think you would like it most because of Scorpius, the Bad Guy. He is so great and gross and funny in a scary way. Not to mention his pooka and the cartoon episode. Fab. Looooooove it.
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