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So, at least I was better than last year. Still aiming for that 100 piece goal, though. Maybe in 2012 if we don't all die horribly!

Anyhow, a lot of this stuff was either made for the shop (all the funny colored stuffed animals) or for Christmasapalooza, which I really went overboard on this year. I started making Christmas presents in the beginning of SEPTEMBER there is clearly something wrong with me.

PS this thing is seven pages long in Word with just the links and not the actual photos showing, so that gives you an idea of how much crap is on here.

Anyway, STUFF!

Cut to spare you from the ton of pictures under here )
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Ohai, Eljay. I am not dead! I just... haven't posted in forever. I really need to remember that I have a livejournal, haha, for more than just craft posts.

THAT BEING SAID, here's a craft post! It's my 2010 craft roundup. Herein lies all the crap I made last year. It's a pretty meager list compared to 2009, but I owe that partially to the fact that I stopped doing swaps because I'm poor.

Cut for your convienience because there are kiiiind of a lot of pictures :/ )

SAD AND PATHETIC. I didn't even get to fifty this year :< And 2011 is even worse because I have been floppy like a wet noodle so far. January is almost over and I have only made one thing! Granted, it was a pretty big thing AND my sewing machine is dead (CRIES CRIES FOREVER) but still. I need to get in gear. Somebody give me that iron-pumping plurk emote!
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Yaaay, the post no one but me has been waiting for, a full catalog of what I did in the last year, with pictures! Because I would rather procrastinate than make things. Honestly, I don’t know how I made this many things in one year with my extremely un-industrious personality.

Holy Exploded Sewing machine, Batman! )

Well, that was intense. And that was a list that didn't include some of the teeny things I made, like the small legions of bookmarks I designed on photoshop, and some single polyclay things that didn't have sets. Clearly, I have no life outside my craft supplies and sewing machine. (PS – it really did explode! But it’s better now). I am productive, though, which makes me happy.


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