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Tauri is being attacked by a giant squid! Aaaaah!

one more, :P )

I love that frikkin squid. I might have to make one for me (not that I need another stuffed animal . . .).

So, I'm compiling a masterlist of all the crafts I made this year. Yeah, I should be done with that by never June.
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Here are a few pictures of the tortures I inflicted on my dog on her birthday. Ha ha ha. At least she got toys and food out of the whole ordeal, right? So I say that makes it even.

But dogs looove wearing birthday hats! )
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As promised, I have finally come up with some pictures of poor Tauri in her cone.

and ohhhh how she loves it )


Dec. 8th, 2006 01:50 am
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Guess what! I got pictures.

Tauri meets Nym. (cue suspenseful music)

NYM: There isn't room in this town for the both of us. One of us has got to go.
TAURI: Well, it ain't gonna be me. Draw!

actually, they got along about as well as dogs and hedgehogs can )

My Pack

Nov. 14th, 2006 10:10 pm
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FINALLY my bi-otch sister sent me the pictures I've been asking for since October break, of all my dogs together. It was so heartwarming, seeing Tauri boss Itu and Nelson run away. They are pretty cute together, although the picture doesn't really do them justice.

Especially not Nelson.

More dysfunctional dog love! )

ETA two more pictures because they are cute
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And to celebrate this day (in addition to actually posting to my lj)(oohs and aaahs of amazement) I will now post pictures of Tauri in her Halloween costume.

Heigh ho, Silver! Or something . . . )

Happy Halloween and blessed be!
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yay! Now I have more pictures of my little pigbaby!

Which one is the real corgi??

on to the more )


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