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Bree ([personal profile] calypsa) wrote2009-12-31 02:32 pm
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Aaaarg, it be the Kraken!

Tauri is being attacked by a giant squid! Aaaaah!

Ah, she's not too worried. He's just trying to give her a hug :P

I love that frikkin squid. I might have to make one for me (not that I need another stuffed animal . . .).

So, I'm compiling a masterlist of all the crafts I made this year. Yeah, I should be done with that by never June.

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I LOLed.

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My mom and I died laughing. This was the first entry on my f-list. AWESOME!

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i lol'ed and made people come see. too funny.

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ps, i'm an elljay stalker.


[identity profile] samuel loke (from 2011-03-09 12:32 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi there, i happen to chance upon your blog when i search for pictures of giant squid. I really really really really love your squid plushie. Is it possible for me to purchase one from you? do contact me via email:)

I really hope to get a reply from you. Thank you so much:)