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Ohai, Eljay. I am not dead! I just... haven't posted in forever. I really need to remember that I have a livejournal, haha, for more than just craft posts.

THAT BEING SAID, here's a craft post! It's my 2010 craft roundup. Herein lies all the crap I made last year. It's a pretty meager list compared to 2009, but I owe that partially to the fact that I stopped doing swaps because I'm poor.

1. Mustang Gloves

2. Utena cosplay

More here.

3. 5 Pairs of pajama pants

(one of them has snorkeling sharks!)

4. Knitted slippers for mom

5. Tauri doggie pillow for her fort

She likes it! I was afraid she would never use it and stop going in her fort, but she actually likes it even better now.

6. Fullmetal Alchemist altered mint tin

For a swap.

7. Paintbrush roll

Because my paintbrushes were getting unruly.

8. Intergra Wingates Hellsing doll

More of her here.
For a swap, sob.

9. Capricorn sewing tools bag

10. Sailor Moon winter hat

For a swap.

11. Fullmetal Alchemist journal case

For a swap.

12. Archeologists’ baby quilt

A commission. Don't ask me why she wanted me to put pickaxes on a baby girl's blanket but there you have it.

13. Onigiri magnet set

For a swap.

14. Decoupaged journals:

For a swap. Because I do not care for Nanoha personally.

Jane Eyre

For etsy, and it sold!


For etsy. Still need to relist it after the aborted sale.

15. Decoupaged Sewing kit

For a swap.

16. Narwhals
I meant to keep count so I could put a total on how many I made, but I made so many I freaking lost count! Probably something like 25 large, 5 mini, and 2 teacup sized. But that’s just a guess.

17. Customized Narwhals - all of which were commissions through etsy
“Liv + Bernie” Narwhal (a Valentine’s commission)

It’s just a regular narwhal with “Liv + Bernie” embroidered on.

Purple “Happy Birthday Emily”

Mazel Tov Rose


18. Ronon Dex Bear for Jason Momoa

Eeeeee, Jason is so cute! We gave it to him in person at Dragoncon.

19. Wraith Bear -and- 20. Teal’c Bear

Made for the Stargate Track at Dragoncon and subsequently featured in a Furlings commercial for SGTV <3

21. Onigiri Pillow

For etsy.

22. Cthulu Messenger Bag

Sold on etsy

23. Onigiri messenger bag

Also for etsy.

24. Narwhal messenger bag

Also for etsy, though I kind of want it...

25. Cthulu Scarf


26. Stencil Tee shirts

For a swap.

Also made Led Zepplin and NY Yankees painted tees, but gave them away before taking a picture.

27. Armadillo plushie

For the granddaughter of a coworker.

28. Naked Mole-rat plushie

For the son of a coworker. He's a weird kid and these toothy pink things are his favorite animal. He's like four.

29. Green lap quilt

Commission from a coworker.

30. Posable Dinosaur

For the son of another coworker. He's so adorable.

31. Curtains for the Kitchen
Which are yellowy with a sort of pear/lemon but I uh can't be bothered to photograph it right now haha.

32. Seaweed Ambassador

Yeah, that was just for the hell of it, though I'm thinking of making some for etsy if I figure I can get away with it.

33. Pyramid head plushie

For a swap.

Okay, this is where Christmas Craftapalooza begins. Everything from here on was made after December 1st.

34. Slippers for mother

Yes, another pair. She goes through them like water I guess.

35. Dog and clocks tote

For a coworker for Christmas.

36. Husky applique tote

For my boss for Christmas.

37. Tarsier

His arms and legs are jointed and his fingers have pipecleaners in so he can hang onto stuff like a real monkey. He needs his own craftster post but I haven't been able to get photobucket to agree with me long enough to upload the rest of the copious pictures I have of him.

38. Okami Amaterasu plushie

For Chels for Christmas! She needs her own post too but same problems. Plus, I could be happier with the way she turned out but SUCH IS LIFE.

39. Rhino plushie

For the other son of the coworker with the naked mole rat.

40. Saturn applique tote

For Julie's birthday!

41. MSD messenger bag and Death Note

Foooor a swap.

42. Wee little cabled dolly sweater

For Julie's puki, Willow!

43. Weirdo knitted dvd storage thing

Yeah, not even I know what the hell this is.

44. Little Sister Lavender quilt

Actually, this was made in November, so I lie a little. It was made for her birthday. That picture was taken before I put the binding on. I really should take another because the binding is rainbowy and cool.

45. Green msd bjd wig

Yup, I did get a ball jointed doll. But after I bought her I had no money for STUFF so I had to make it all myself. This wig included.

46. Simple msd outfit

A little washed out in the photo, but at least you can see the different textures. Simple little denim pencil skirt and black jersey top with a little bit of shimmery fabric off one shoulder. I wish I’d made those converse, too.

47. Red scarf for little sister
… which was knitted in garter and had tassels on the ends. Sort of a nice maroony color, but I forgot to take its picture so the description will have to do.

48. Purse for mom
Another I didn't take a picture of because I finished it like two days before Christmas and I forgot. But it's black sateen and lined with the same dog fabric I used on the dog and clocks bag.

SAD AND PATHETIC. I didn't even get to fifty this year :< And 2011 is even worse because I have been floppy like a wet noodle so far. January is almost over and I have only made one thing! Granted, it was a pretty big thing AND my sewing machine is dead (CRIES CRIES FOREVER) but still. I need to get in gear. Somebody give me that iron-pumping plurk emote!

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Well, I don't know what your normal output is, but frankly I'm flabbergasted...