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2009 Project List!

Yaaay, the post no one but me has been waiting for, a full catalog of what I did in the last year, with pictures! Because I would rather procrastinate than make things. Honestly, I don’t know how I made this many things in one year with my extremely un-industrious personality.

Some of these things may be familiar to some of you.

1. Tardis pillow

2. Siamese Cat pillow

3. Tenth doctor doll (I think you’ve all seen him)

4. L Doll

More of him here

5. Ganesh plushie

Some more of him here

6. Om wallet

7. Ninth doctor doll

More pictures of him here

8. Tate the poppet

9. Calico dragon

Button joints!

10. Arthur & Merlin playset

There’s Arthur, Merlin, Archimedes the owl, and the sword/stone combo (I can’t remember the name of the sword he pulls out of the stone right now, all I know is that it’s not Excaliber because the Lady of the Lake gives him that)

11. Eureka needlebook

12. Ouran-y jacket

13. Tigan the poppet

14. Chakotay doll

The only thing I really don’t like about him is the length of his neck. He’s giraffe!Chakotay.

15. Jen the Gelfling doll

16. Cookie monster cookie jar

It says “Cookie’s Cookies” on it.

17. Muppety magnets

18. Crab bag!

To be fair, I only did the appliqué on this bag, but I still count it as a project.

19. Pajama shorts (no picture for this one for whatever reason, but I promise I did make them)

20. Two or three (I don’t remember now) Ribbon bags for mom (also without picture, but she took off with them fairly immediately so I didn’t really get a chance)

21. Wrap Capri pants (sorry! I admit it, I don’t take picture of the clothes I make for myself because that would involve me being in a picture)

22. Painted Shakespeare box

I wasn’t terribly pleased with this one.

23. Shakespeare bleach shirt

24. Killer Cactus plushie

Ahahaha, I freaking love this thing.

25. Salute Your Shorts appliqué bag

I did realize my mistake and correct the spelling of Anawanna before I sent it, I just didn’t take another picture.

26. The Beets “Killer Tofu” clutch

27. Stargate Bag

28. McKay Journal (which I bound and built)

29. Sundress for Hallie’s friend (she never actually picked it up because she has the brain of a gnat, but I did make it. Once again no pictures)

30. SGA personal shield pin

31. Link poppet

More pictures of him here.

32. Mad Hatter Tamaki doll

I’m a little proud of him. There are more pictures of him here

33. Ouran Host Club stationary clutch


That set includes a journal, ten sheets of Ouran stationary, and two Ouran cards (one Tamaki, one Kyoya) with envelopes.

34. Kingdom Hearts clutch

35. Petshop of Horrors quilted bag

36. Mepple plushie (from Pretty Cure)

37. Earthian Angels journal

38. Capri pants (more no pictures, boo)

39. Ensign Tamaki doll for Vic Mignonga (Yeah, I gave it to him at con cuz I’m a geek)

He’s wearing a red shirt from the original series of Star Trek under his Ouran HS uniform jacket.

40. Painted T-shirts

41. Mini Master doll

42. Torchwood case box

43. White Totoro pillow

44. Gameboy costume

45. Alice in Wonderland costume

46. Preggers Costume ( I was busy this Halloween)

47. Decoupage mirror box

48. Snuggie (with hood!)

49. Little crab bag

It has a zipper on top that you can’t see in this picture.

And this is where Christmas Craftapalooza starts. Not everything was a gift, but everything was made after my sister's birthday on November 13th.

50. Narwhal plushie (this should count as like 5)

51. Beowulf Bleach shirt

52. Kimblee gloves

53. Fourth Doctor scarf

This thing is ridiculously long but I love it! It’s so warm!

54. Yankees Fleece blanket (which is really just 2.5 yards of fleece with blanket binding sewn on the outer edge, but hey, I still made it)

56. Hayate bag

57. Orchid jordy

58. Orchid wallet

And those two together:

59. Orange Doggy Safely vests (one of my personal favorites)

60. Stargate Bears

61. Messenger for Mother

62. Hellsing Messenger bag

63. Four hat

64. Blue hat

65. Blue scarf

66. Christmas stockings

67. Decoupage sketchbook

68. Pet Tote

69. Decoupage Journal

70. Vikings Fleece blanket

71. Giant Squid Plushie

You can see more of him here, including some of his stomach contents! I love this guy.

Well, that was intense. And that was a list that didn't include some of the teeny things I made, like the small legions of bookmarks I designed on photoshop, and some single polyclay things that didn't have sets. Clearly, I have no life outside my craft supplies and sewing machine. (PS – it really did explode! But it’s better now). I am productive, though, which makes me happy.

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Bree, Either Craftster is dead or all your links are wrong. I'm going with craftster is dead. But holy wow, Woman! Lookit you go!

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%^$#%^$^ stupid lj All fixed!

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Wait, that dress is still hanging out in your room somewhere? Haha, wow. You should charge for holding.

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I know, right? It's ridiculous.

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I'm still madly in love w/ the 10 doll, and that squid is hilarious!

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Lovely lovely stuff. I really like the stuff I got from you in the Dr. Who/anime angeling swap.
I must ask, what kind of printable fabric do you use? I'd love to print out some drawing and stuff and make them into a bag or a quilt or something, but I've yet to find out what is the best kind of printable fabric or what have you for the job

[identity profile] 2010-01-11 05:24 pm (UTC)(link)
I just use fabrics that are 100% cotton and treat them with Bubblejet Set, which is just a solution that makes inkjet printer ink not wash away on fabrics. It's amazing stuff! As to the particular fabrics, I used thick white broadcloth for the stationary set and the clutch and white twill (which I later dyed with coffee, though I really should have done that first) for the Hayate bag.

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i assume you have to cut the fabric to paper size sheets then? I've never heard of that product, I'll have to search it out, is it expensive?

[identity profile] 2010-01-11 07:57 pm (UTC)(link)
No, it's not really expensive. It's like $15 or so for a big bottle.

You cut the fabric to 8.5 x 11 and iron it onto a piece of freezer paper the same size so that it can go through the printer.