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Bree ([personal profile] calypsa) wrote2010-03-06 02:19 pm


Fandom Steelcage Match March Madness has started again!

VOTE SAM CARTER! Because, at the very least, a vote for Sam Carter is a vote against Dean Winchester. I'm not holding a grudge at all.

Also, vote Donna Noble because Ten's not even in the running.

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Vote Sam because she can confuse you without even trying.

brtb, Joker stalking your ass

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Ohai- come back? We need to plot/plan/rule the world?
Is the snow still trying to devour you?

Hurried Greetings--

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Yay Sam!

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Aww, missed the deadline. On a completely unrelated note, can I use your Pilot icon on a fiction journal? The quote is perfect.

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Haha, sure! I just love Pilot, he's such an adorable . . . giant . . . creature. What's the journal?

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Thanks! It's ladyofshilo ( I haven't explained why yet, but she basically lives at her work and doesn't leave except in emergencies.