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Masterlist - Dolls

Here's the big one, my master list of dolls. I will be keeping it up to date with any new dolls I make.

All these dolls were constructed by me and the patterns are mine unless otherwise noted.

Listed in reverse chronological order.


Integra Wingates Hellsing (from the manga/anime Hellsing)

This pattern is pretty much all mine, except that I took some influence from craftster user ghilie's poppet pattern for the head. I hand-drafted the whole thing myself, however, and made a lot of modifications to the head shape. Her skin is ivory alova suede and her hair is yarn latch-hooked into a plastic net (that I appropriated from some candy). Her shirt is made of some shiny white fabric and her suit is made of linen. Her shoes are felt and her gloves (which are removable from her posable fingers) are made of white jersey. Her glasses are made of two circles I cut from some clear plastic packing boxes and some gold wire I had lying about. Her eyes are painted and her mouth was drawn with a fabric marker.

More of her here:


Link (from Zelda)

He is derived and constructed using ghilie's poppet pattern, but I redrafted all of the parts to make him more masculine. He is a jointed doll, using coverballs inside of sealed independent limbs. His fingers are wired with pipe cleaners to be posable. His tunic is broadcloth. His white shirt collar is really only a dickie made of broadcloth, and his leggings and . . . armlings are made of jersey that is really fitted to his body. His gauntlets, belt, and shoes are made of felt and his hair is yellow fur fabric. His ocarina is polymer clay, his sword is foamcore covered in oak tag and paint, his sword is foam with a popsicle stick inside, and his sheath is also painted oak tag. His eyes are painted and his mouth was drawn with a fabric marker.

A ridiculous amount of pictures of him can be found here:

Mini Master (from Doctor Who)

Alova body made using BabyLondonStar's pattern. His hair is fur fabric, his eyes are painted on and his mouth was drawn with a fabric marker. His tie is really tied, his shirt is white broad cloth and his suit is black broadcloth.

Ensign Tamaki doll (made for Vic Mignogna)

More alova fur fabric. This pattern is all mine, just a plain rag doll type thing. His jacket is a blue suiting and his red shirt is made of jersey.

More pictures of him here:

Mad Hatter Tamaki (from Ouran Host Club)

My pattern again, rag doll type. Same materials for him as all the others so far. His hat is felt, but everything else is broadcloth (except his gloves, which are black jersey and removable).

Tigan the poppet

She was made using ghilie's poppet pattern, the second of my experiments with said pattern in order to teach myself another way of making dolls. She has jointed arms and legs and wired fingers. Her hair is yarn latch hooked into a plastic net bag taken from the packaging of some candy. Her skirt in this photo is made of calico and her shirt is some weird black polyester blend that I got from the remnants bin at Joanns. Her sandals are made of braided yarn and thick crafting foam. Her eyes are glass safety-back eyes that I added lids and lashes to. And yes, she does have freckles and a slight blush.

More pictures of her here:

Chakotay (from Star Trek: Voyager)

Body vaguely based on the poppet pattern, head of my own design. He is jointed and has posable fingers. His clothes are mostly jersey and I made his communicator pin out of polymer clay and hot-glued it to a pin back. His eyes are also polymer clay and his tattoo and mouth were drawn on using a fabric marker.

Jen the Gelfling (from The Dark Crystal)

Pattern is mine, though it was influenced by the poppet pattern. His hair is latch-hooked yarn, his skin is tan alova, his pants and sleeves are broadcloth and his tunic-thingie is felt with freequilted designs sewn on. His limbs are jointed and his fingers posable.

More pictures of him here:

Tate the poppet

Made using ghilie's poppet pattern. Ivory alova and latch-hooked yarn with jointed limbs and posable fingers. Much the same as Tigan. In this picture, her shirt is made of calico with lave accents, her pants are cotton dyed and textured to look like denim, and her sandals are felt.

More of her here:

Arthur and Merlin set

Very simple little guys, fully wired. Made of broadcloth with wool glued on for hair and whatnot.

More of them here:

Nine (Doctor Who)

Another of my ragdoll types, made of broadcloth. His jacket is black vinyl, his shirt is jersey. His eyes are felt and so is his hair.

More of him over here:

Ganesh (Hindu mythology)

Not entirely human looking, but I still count him as a doll. Pattern is all mine. Made of blue moleskin with wired arms and legs and hands. He is actually holding that flower, I didn't sew it down. A lot of his accents are felt, but his pants are gold lamee.

More of him over here:

L (Death Note)

My own pattern again. Wool hot glued to the head for hair, polymer clay eyes and embroidered mouth. The cake is made of felt and the plate and fork are polymer clay as well.

More of him here:

Ten (Doctor Who)

Another one of my pattern, rag doll type.

More of him here:

Morpheus (Sandman)

More here:


Jack (Stargate:SG1)

A simple fleece doll with rooted yarn hair.
More of him here:


Captain Picard (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Fleece doll with jersey and broadcloth uniform. At the time, I loved the fact that he was bald because I was doing rooted hair at the time and it was hard on my fingers.

Teal'c (Stargate: SG1)

Simple fleece doll. But he has a pouch in his abdomen with a little fabric and polyclay Junior inside.
More of him here:

Sam (Stargate SG1)

Fleece doll with rooted hair. My very own pattern, and one of my first goes at a human shaped thing.

Daniel (Stargate SG1)

My first go at a human. Fleece doll with rooted yarn hair.
More of both Sam and Daniel here:">

Sint-Holo (god of language, half snake half deer)

The picture is terrible because I didn't have a digital camera at the time, and he was a gift to a co-worker.

Anubis (Egyptian mythology)

Sekhmet (Egyptian mythology)

Bastet (Egyptian mythology)

All three of these are made out of fleece by my own pattern. They're a but unsophisticated compared to what I can do now.

More of all three of them here:

And that's what I've done.

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Okay, there's Teal'c. I'm calm now. ;)

Doctor who ten doll

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Hi i just stumbled on to your doctor who ten doll he was my first and favorite doctor and I was wondering if you still do commisions for him and if so how much would he cost... Thank you so much my email is i hope to hear back from you