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Masterlist - Plushies

Okay, so this is a master list of all the plushies I have made. I will be keeping it updated because I am neurotic and obsessive compulsive with each new plushie I make.

All plushies are made 100% by me, from the pattern through the construction.

Listed in reverse chronological order


Giant Squid

He's made of off-white fleece and has a black courdoroy beak under all those tentacles, as well as a stomach cavity made of red fleece and some felt foodstuffs inside.

More pictures of him here:


He's made of grey and white fleece (white on his belly). I splatter painted the fleece with diluted black acrylic to give him the speckled look. The horn is made from plain white cotton broadcloth covered in iridescent lamee and shaped into a spiral with thread.

More pictures of him here:

White Totoro Pillow

It counts as a stuffed animal, albeit a very simple one. Made of fleece with felt accents.

Mepple from Pretty Cure

One of those kawaii creatures that can be found in anime. He's made of ivory alova suede with painted features. His tail is wired with a pipecleaner so it is posable.

More pictures of him here:

Killer Cactus

From Hey Dude. Made entirely of felt and hot-glued into a tiny terra cotta pot.

Calico Dragon

Made out of cotton quilting fabrics. His belly is lined with foam and quilted in strips so that he has a reptile belly. His horns and eyes are made of polymer clay, and his legs are movable, attached with regular buttons as joints.

More pictures of him here:


Patchwork Crabs

Same as the calico dragon, they are made from quilter's fabrics.

More of them here:



Griffin yay! He's still one of my favorites. His body is made of tan fleece and white fur fabric. His beak and eagle toes are made of yellow felt and his wings are made of very short pile white fur felt. His legs are wired, though not terribly posable, but his wings can be moved and posed. His eyes and the black band around his beak are made of polymer clay.

More pictures of him here:

I made plushies before this, but I really have no proper records of them. I might try to fill some of the gaps at some point.