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Bree ([personal profile] calypsa) wrote2010-01-08 03:29 pm

farewell, sanity

Tapping, tapping, tapping, TAPPING. I feel like a character from one of Poe's stories (only I'm female and not either dead or buried alive). There is a CONSTANT TAPPING on the window through all the daylight hours and I don't know what to do about it.

Here is the demon that plagues my days.

It is a maniacal cardinal. I don't know whether he sees a rival in his reflection on the window or if he just does it to drive me insane. He's been doing it since the fall (I was only recently able to snap a picture of him, though) and even the dogs have stopped barking at him. They just don't care anymore. But I do. I hear it in my sleep. It wakes me up. It's driving me to distraction.

All told, I'd prefer a raven. At least they provide light conversation, even if it is only a reply of one word. The damn cardinal just attacks the window and flaps it's wings like a reject from the cast of Hitchcock's The Birds.

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Not nearly as ominous as a raven, that's for sure. Maybe the cardinal, with its crimson plumage, could be a spectre of the red death. Beware.

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LOL.. I mean... uh... that sucks.

Scare it off one day and look at the window and see if he/she sees anything that could interest it.