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Leave me a comment saying "What up!?" and then...

• I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can satisfy my curiosity
• Update your journal with the answers to the questions
• Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions

1.) Who would your host be? Uh, in all honesty I probably wouldn't actually go to a host club. But, for conversation's sake, if I did, I probably would not chose Tamaki. His host persona is a little too exhibitionist and over the top for me. I would take Tamaki home. I would go with Kyoya, except that it seems that every time you see him with actual guests he is trying to get them to buy something or come to some exclusive function. I would chose Mori, most likely, in the end.
2.)What are you going to name your first alpaca? That's a good question. It will most likely be female, so I would probably go with something like Isis or Brigid. If it happens to be male for whatever reason, I might name it something like Gallagher or Rufus.
3.)Write me a six word story about gelato. :P Uneaten, it melted in the sun.
4.)If you could choose any new car free of charge what would you get? I have no idea. A shiny Hybrid, definitely. Is it the Prias or the Scion? Or are they both hybrids? I don't really know cars.
5.)What is your favorite type of cookie ever? (I really don't know!) Mmm, a freshly baked peanut butter is delicious. But there is also this ginger cookie that divvies makes, it's all soft and tasty and I could eat a whole box. Mmm, cookies. Oh, those haystack things you make are fantastic, too! Mmmm. And anything with marshmallow or raspberry. Yeah, one of those.

1.How much is too much fandom? Look at Twilight for an example. When people start thinking about starting a religion based on their fandom, that is TOO MUCH. If absorb yourself in fandom to the detriment of your actual life, that is too much.
2.You've somehow stolen the TARDIS, where and/or when do you go? (Let's keep other dimensions sealed up for this question.) Aiya. England, that much is certain. I would love to go to a country dance in Steventon while Austen was living there. Not very exciting, I know. And I would probably have to show up a few days before and have someone teach me all the steps so I don't look like a fool. Hey, why did I steal the Tardis? Can't I bring the Doctor with me? I'm sure he knows all the steps. I would just love to hang out in Regency society for a while. I would also be very very interested to see Boadicea, waaay back when the Romans were occupying part of Britain (Trajan!). Other than that, I want to go to other planets!
3.It's payday on ManHarem Farms! Who do you "pay" first? Mmm, either Roy or Tamaki. It's a toss up.
4.An alien comes to you and asks "What is Twilight and why is it so popular?" I tell him that it is a plague that affects only the weak minded, kind of like Jedi mind tricks only not at all awesome. What else could explain why such a crap excuse for a book has so many devotees? What else could explain why otherwise self-respecting and moderately successful middle aged women find themselves lusting after a pale, sparkly, EMO, useless, not even terribly attractive airquotes vampire?
5.Oh shit! Kenpachi just showed up and said he wants to fight you! What do you do? Well, die is the first thing that comes to mind. I mean, I would try to get him to take me on in Morpheus's little word game or something in which I would stand a chance of not getting killed, but I doubt he'd go for that. So yeah, probably die.

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What Up?!

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1. If you were an animal living on the Serenghetti, what would you be?

2. What's your favorite book (how do I not know this?)?

3. You have a mythological creature for a pet (and it won't kill you). What is it?

4. In what era in history would you most like to live?

5. Chocolate or peanut butter?

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What up?!

Or word up. Either way.

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1. You are a crazy intergalactic robot, what are your special features? (ie laser vision, rocket pack, etc)

2. If you could be any fictional character (taking all that that entails including the cause of death if applicable), who would you be?

3. You have to murder someone. How do you do it?

4. Hellsing or Iscariot?

5. You've written a masterpiece. What is it about?

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Questions are answered!

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(What up?)

I don't know ANYTHING about full metal alchemist or anything like that so if you throw one of those at me i might just die.

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1. You have a Tardis. You also have a broken chameleon circuit. What is your Tardis stuck looking like?

2. You are a crew member on the Serenity. Which of the current crew members do you think you could best replace?

3. If you could see/ go back stage at a concert by any musician, living or dead, who would you see?

4. Puppies or kittens?

5. If you could speak any language not currently in your repertoire, what would it be?

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read my journal and my results will be there