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out of the blue

Can ANYONE please tell me why I all of a sudden really want this and this??? Better yet, can anyone tell be why they are so astronomically expensive?

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The steampunk one is cool. As to why - cause you're crazy?

Yay store being open!

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Bree, are those even the kid delfs?! They look like SDs and they are MORE THAN ASTRONOMICALLY EXPENSIVE.(Luts are not the worst, but almost. Yes, there are more expensive ones. Go gawk at the Dollfies) I want a mini fee (I dunno why) and even that blanked out is still ranking at 350-400. AUGH. I'm trying to get Melissa to try and make her own. She's always wanted to. So if she can figure out the casting, maybe I'll get her to get an etsy too. And they might be slightly cheaper, but I have a feeling they're so expensive because materials are disgustingly expensive. That resin that they use is not cheap. Plus all the hours they put into designing all those details.(Those creepy bitches are anatomically correct!)Why why?!

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Yeah, they're Luts. The redhead (the one I really want) is a Junior Delf, and the girl is just a delf. The upside of getting one, for me, is that I can use it as a model to make BJD clothes that I can sell on etsy, so eventually it would pay for itself. I'm actually seriously considering it. I think if I still want it after I make like $600 in etsy, I'll buy it.

Hopefully I won't want it anymore by then.

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The junior ones are huge and creepy! They're like 2 feet tall! The one I want used to be a luts, but luts sold the line to another company. The doll probably won't come just like it looks in the picture; the wig and eyes will be randomized, and the clothes aren't included usually, unless you shell out for those, too. (and those are only on the special editions)and unless you pay for the face detailing, none of that will be painted on either. Stupid things are so expensive. I wanted to make clothes too!

Actually, since Melissa is in college I have her doll, Sarah which is a soul kid (it'd be the same size as a mini fee) So I might play around and make her some clothes while I have her doll. (Sarah has no clothes! She's naked all the time!)

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I like the height of them, actually. Most of the dolls I make are around that tall. I know all the stuff is not included (which just makes the price that much more ridiculous). I like the particular wig on that junior delf (I'm a sucker for redheads :3) but I would get him different eyes. And of course, I have no need for the clothes because I would make my own (though I might need to pick up those goggles . . .) And, of course, I'd have to have them do the "make up" because I just KNOW I would fuck it up if I tried to do it myself. I'm hoping my miserly nature will talk me out of the whole thing by the time I have the money for it.

Hahaha, Sarah's a whore. Make the little nudist some clothes!

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Hahaahaaa. WHOOOOOOOOOOORE! Ugh. Melissa put this awful green face up on the poor girl. She looks like a backwards poison ivy. She told me I could try my hand at one, so I think I might give her a look that's a little more classy.

Oh, and if you do get one, go all out for the active line, the feet and hands are magnetic, so they're easily changeable and less of a struggle to string the whole doll up. Sarah's all strung and her joints refuse to stay in place, so we can't pose her well. Melissa needs to re-suede the joints so they don't slide as easily.

Now I really wanna seriously consider my Shushu! We'd both have creepy luts dolls!

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Green? Err, okay. That's an . . . interesting choice.

Yay, creepy Luts dolls! I really want Rigel. Even though he's a boy, he's pretty enough to cross-dress >3 And he's a good size, so I can use him as a base to make clothes that will fit most of the larger delf dolls. I just really wish they weren't so expensive . . .

Shushu is very pretty. But where would you get her now that Luts doesn't sell her anymore? Who makes her?

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a company called doll fairy land. she's going for 360. :(
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Ffff. That's almost as bad as Rigel at $410. But she is the prettiest one over there, IMO.

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Yeah, she was going for 220 over at luts. So I was thinking of picking up a kid delf and then just trying to find a shu shu head on doll boards or ebay. She's rare though.

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Yeah. I kind of wanted to get a girl delf body and just put a Rigel head on (because he looks like a girl), but I can't find Rigel's head separate at all.