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Bree ([personal profile] calypsa) wrote2009-12-05 02:59 am

Moar Questions

Leave me a comment saying "Adventure is Out There!" and I will respond by asking you five questions that satisfy my curiosity. Update your journal with the answers to the questions, including this in the post.

1. How will you stop the warp core breach? I'll sew a little warp-cozy out of fleece and trilithium, it'll keep all that antimatter inside and stop you from getting distracted by the lava-lamp like qualities of the warp core.

2. What's your "Host" style/persona? Mmm, I'm not much of an exhibitionist. I'd probably be something like Kyoya (you never see him with guests) though a little less cold, maybe. I could maybe be like one of the twins (the gay "taboo" bit, though, not the incest bit, that's a neg) though I wouldn't be as insane. I'd probably end up "the silent type," like Mori. I'll feed rice balls to tanukis!

3. Tomato: Fruit or Vegatable? Some people like to think of a tomato as a fruit. I like to think of it more as an anomalous life form that needs to be shot into the sun.

4. Catholicism or Scientolotgy: which do you join and why? (Assume gun to the head situation) Yee gods, those are bad choices. I'll have to go with the teachings of Cathol because, while some Catholics are freaks, all Scientologists are. I'd rather have the guilt than the loopy couch jumping and inability to take medication for medical conditions I might have.

5. Bleach wedding. Who's getting married, who's in what party, will the marriage last? (Will someone interrupt the wedding?) OKAY, so Uryu and Ichigo are getting married (Ichigo is the bride)(they are OTP). Uryu wears a totally wonderous Regency era black suit with coat tails and a dark blue waistcoat (that he made himself). Ichigo is, of course, in a white dress (even though Uryu has already been there, as evidenced by Ichigo's bed). Ichigo's whole family is there, sitting on the bride's side, along with Orihime (who had a tragic accident in Hueco Mundo that sadly stole her power of speech), Rukia, Ikkaku and Yumechika (Peacock catches the bouquet, and those two will be married before long, unless Kenpachi takes offense because hurr, he likes Ikkaku), Toshiro (Momo was stabbed by Aizen again so she couldn't make it, too busy lying in hospital thinking about how Gin made him do it)(besides, Little Shiro wanted to sit next to Karin anyway) and Rangiku(or however you spell her name), and Kon (though that's mostly because Rukia, Orihime, and Rangiku are there). On the groom's side is Chad, those two guys that always hang out at the school and act insane, Urahara and his whole entourage including the mod souls and Yoroichi(or however you spell her name), Renji (mostly because he wanted to annoy Ichigo by not sitting on his side), and some other people. Uryu's dad sits on Ichigo's side but leaves halfway through the ceremony because it is such a disappointment and he doesn't care whether it lives or dies. Kenpachi sits on both sides because he doesn't care about either of them. Yachiru sits on his shoulder. Yamamoto officiates. The service goes smoothly except when the forever hold your peace line comes. Orihime stands up and tries to speak, forgets that she can't and is stoned to death by the filler mod soul plushies. The reception is insane. Everyone gets drunk and it suddenly becomes open air when Kenpachi slices the roof off the building. Yumechika catches the bouquet, Kenpachi catches the garter (partly because he threatened to cut anyone who got in his way). Gin, Aizen, Tosen, and Grimmjow crash the party, looking fabulous and sober (so they of course have the upper hand, as if they didn't already). If they survive the party, Uryu and Ichigo's marriage will last forever because both of them know that they are too dumb to get away with cheating.

Whoo, that was long.

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